CrankWheel as a software solution for your business; How will this boost your business?

This software solution is perfect for your business because it is a hassle-free software solutions programme that can be implemented in your organisation, and it can be shared by all the employees in your organisation.

What capabilities does CrankWheel have that will benefit your business?

  • Screen Sharing
  • Remote Control
  • Instant Demos
  • Embedded and Integrated API software


These capabilities will benefit your business through various methods. The Screen Sharing capabilities will ensure that you can share your screen for meetings or sales presentations, and the best part about the CrankWheel software is that it can be streamed even when the employees have a poor network connection or an old version of a browser.

CrankWheel also provide remote control facilities which means that individuals can assist other individuals on their pc’s or edit documents virtually on the other persons computer with the remote-control feature that this software solution provides.

CrankWheel also provides instant demos which means that your company can test the facilities and software before buying and if you are happy with the demo, which be strongly believe you will, you can go ahead and purchase the full software package. In addition to the features mentioned above this software also has API facilities that users can use to integrate the software into their own software systems, this is great if the company has its own personal software programme that they work from such as a personalised CRM system.


Where to access this software solution?

We can help you to access this software solution at I Heart Media, contact us for more information and a quotation so your business can start operating smoothly and to increase production in your organisation.

I Heart Media provide various digital services such as digital marketing, video creation, website creation and much more, on top of these we provide this CrankWheel software so your business can reach its potential and to assist you with boosting your business by saving time and money with this hassle-free software solution. We are determined to help our clients boost their business.