Benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing

Digital marketing has become such a popular and almost necessary way of advertising a business or product. Digital marketing is marketing of a business or product through digital platforms such as Google.

The concept might seem complicated, but even though it is a specialised form of marketing, it can be explained in simple terms. It is an advertisement that is created specifically for a person that searches something in relation to what is being advertised, the product or service that is related, then pops up on the individual or companies’ device and they can choose to buy the product or make use of the service that is being advertised.

The obvious advantage that already stands out from the explanation above is the one where with digital marketing you can target individuals that specifically need the product and/or service that you provide, and as soon as they search for that product and/or service or for any related information on the digital platform the advertisement will appear, and they can see what product and/or service you provide. This can lead to a lot more customers seeing the advertisement as a lot of individuals are using digital platforms for searches in our era versus pamphlets’ being handed out at your local grocer.

Another benefit of digital marketing will be the one where digital marketing can save a lot of unnecessary costs because you can give your budget to the company that will create and manage this advertisement. The company then use their specialised techniques to ensure that the relevant target market receives the advertisement, where with traditional marketing you can pay a lot of money for a billboard that might only be relevant to 20% of people that see the billboard.

Digital marketing is effective if it is done by the right companies that understand your needs and wants. There are a lot of additions to digital marketing that can be done in comparison with traditional marketing such as videos on your website, SEO for better recognition by consumers/the public, and much more.

Digital marketing can be used on an ongoing basis by very small companies to exceptionally large organisations, because of the cost to profit ratio it provides, whereas a lot of traditional marketing techniques can only be done once or twice by smaller companies because of the cost.

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